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Smart Bitches and Trashy Books!

Hey all,

I wanted to share a podcast I took part in. I have to confess, I was a trifle nervous as I settle down to talk with Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches and Trashy Books fame. I’d seen her being smart and funny and ever so articulate on CBS’s Sunday Morning show. After that I started visiting her blog. Actually, it’s not just her blog. She’s the co-founder of SBTB. There are a gaggle of “smart bitches” who write, review and read there.

Then I attended their event at the Romantic Times Booklovers Conference. Loved it. But keep in mind, I attended. I was watching them along with a large group of fellow romance-loving fans! I was safely hidden by the sheer numbers of people who had attended.

But now I was expected to carry on conversation for an hour with Sarah, one of the eminent leading experts in romance genre fiction.


A little intimidating.

But the minute we started talking, it was cozy and comfy.

Now, I haven’t listened to the podcast, because I don’t like hearing my voice. Find it embarrassing. But I really enjoyed speaking with her, so I imagine it is interesting and in case any of you are interested, I thought I would share the link.

Sara Flynn!

Hi Everyone! Well, a lot has happened since I last was here. I had the privilege of working on the Netflix movie, WAR MACHINE that is playing now on Netflix and in theatres and ... I WROTE A ROMANCE NOVEL! Wheeee! I had SO much fun. My romance writing moniker is Sara Flynn. And “Sara” has her very own website at:

“A Taste Of Heaven” is Almost Here

A Taste Of Heaven, my new middle grade book, is being published by Penguin Canada and will be out in stores Feb/2013. It’s been a couple of years in the making. Quite a few drafts. I wanted to write a cozy book about best friends and family and comfy cooking. I wanted to see if I could shift away from the darker themes that seem to spring up in my writing. Write a book that goes well with a cup of hot chocolate, a roll of lifesavers, a bag of penny candy. I’m not sure if I’ve been successful or not. Hope so. xo

St. Martin’s Press Picks up Gemma

Wonderful news! Dori Weintraub of St. Martin’s Press has picked up GEMMA. I am over the moon with happiness. Can’t stop myself from breaking into a happy jig every now and then, and the smiles just don’t stop. Thank you Dori, for taking GEMMA into your heart, under your wing, and giving my orphaned girl a home. And this announcement would not be complete without an enormous shout-out to Laura Langlie, my brilliant agent, who went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly. I feel so protected and lucky.

March 2009 News

I’d like to thank Hop Studios for designing my website. It was an interesting challenge trying to make this site professional enough so I wouldn’t scare off the more serious types. And yet, it was equally important to me that I don’t present myself to the world as someone that I’m not. All polished and picture perfect, sterilized and wrapped up with a bow. I wanted this website to represent a true piece of me. A taste if you will. Because otherwise, what’s the point?

Best wishes,