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About the writing of Porcupine

When I received the letter from Kathy Lowinger suggesting that I try writing for Young Adult, it was an incredibly exciting idea to me... Read more


There were so many excerpts I wanted to choose for this book, but I decided to go with this one because it's close to the begining of the story and won't give away what's going to happen. Read more

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Read about the literary prizes Porcupine has received and been nominated for!War-torn Afghanistan could not seem farther from Newfoundland, but it is about to change twelve-year-old tomboy Jack Cooper (or Jacqueline, as her mother insists on calling her) forever. When her father is killed in the war, she watches helplessly as her mother crumbles under sorrow and depression. With time, she learns that families come in many different forms and that love, trust, and faith can build a home anywhere.