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Originally published in 1994, Meg Tilly's debut novel, Singing Songs, still resonates as a profound statement about the secrets families keep from the rest of the world, as Anna, the resilient young narrator, journeys through childhood, trapped in a fragmented family caught in a cycle of abuse, denial, and neglect. This new edition of Singing Songs includes a foreword by the author, reflecting on how memories from her own childhood inspired her to write this novel.

Praise and Reviews for Singing Songs

"A believable child's voice is the most difficult of all a writer can undertake. Meg Tilly has accomplished that voice powerfully in Singing Songs."
— Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina
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I chose this excerpt from Singing Songs because it was such a happy memory and the picture my mum sent to me where I'm hugging Tilly-two (aka Abby Road) went so well with the piece. Read more

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