Praise and Reviews for Singing Songs

“A believable child's voice is the most difficult of all a writer can undertake. Meg Tilly has accomplished that voice powerfully in Singing Songs.”
— Dorothy Allison, author of Bastard Out of Carolina

“When Meg Tilly opened her heart and wrote this tender wrenching novel of girlhood, she joined Kay Gibbons and Dorothy Allison as a clear eyed and fierce poet of pain.” — Sandra Scofield, author of Beyond Deserving

“Sometimes creativity blesses twice: Tilly, an actress best known for her portrayal of Chloe, the luminous young lover of the recent suicide in The Big Chill, has written an impressive first novel.”
Publishers Weekly

“A book of considerable quality…Ms. Tilly has managed to meet some literary challenges with instinctive flair…Her believably brave, unsentimental young narrator manages to persuade the reader to care about yet another family in crisis.”— New York Times Book Review

“A triumph…Meg Tilly’s Anna is absolutely believable, completely irresistible, and she takes the reader with her into her own world.”
Chicago Sun-Times

“Tilly has done a fine job capturing her young heroine’s quick mind, plangent voice, and the vibrant spirit that helps her survive her rocky upbringing.”
Christian Science Monitor

“An exquisite first novel about a young girl’s coming-of-age in a dysfunctional family in the Pacific Northwest.”
Harper’s Bazaar

“Compelling, moving, chilling…Tilly writes of the dark places of childhood…in a fresh, convincing voice.”
Baltimore Sun

“A masterful novel…a literary debut of major proportions. A great American family saga of rootlessness and ravishment in the tradition of John Steinbeck and Erskine Caldwell.”
Philadelphia Inquirer

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