Praise and Reviews for Porcupine

"Jack's unwavering determination to keep up the spirits of her spoiled younger sister and her learning-disabled younger brother will move readers, and her gradual recognition of her mother's self-centeredness and her great-grandmother's love is realistic....The story has depth..."
— Publishers Weekly

"...this novel expands the meaning of family. There is no sentimentality in Jack's first-person narrative; she's honest about her anger, her sadness and disappointment, and her need....A solid YA offering by the author of several adult books."
— Booklist

"..behind [Jack Cooper's] rough tongue and no-nonsense story lies a real poet. That is one of this novel's greatest strengths: the lovely language and the moments reflecting on simple sights and senses that strike deep beneath Jack's hard shell as she proves herself to be as capable as any adult."
Vancouver Sun

"Porcupine is a heart-wrenching story....The characters are beautifully drawn. They all have strengths and flaws, just like real people, and as a result, the reader's heart bleeds for them all....Meg not a Hollywood star using her fame to get published; she is a talented writer who has only recently begun sharing her stories. Highly Recommended."
— CM Magazine

"Reminiscent of Cynthia Voigt's "Tillerman" stories (S & S), this novel has a similarly determined, responsible, but still appealing protagonist and a similarly strong sense of place: in this case, the prairies of Alberta, Canada. In her fierce efforts to make everything OK for her younger brother and sister, Jack becomes almost as prickly as her great-grandmother, and readers will appreciate how her school-slow little brother can help her reveal the softness inside. A very satisfying read.
— School Library Journal (starred review)

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