Praise and Reviews for Gemma

“Even with all my experience prosecuting these cases, Gemma affected me so much that I can’t get it out of my mind. The night I read the first chapter, I had nightmares about it and I never have nightmares. This is a truly magnificent work.”
— Judge Ken Freeman and former district attorney

“Never had I read a book on this subject that so effectively captures both the psychology of the abusive relationship along with the social systems that work both to help and hinder the victim.”
— Susan Sarandon

“Page by page, Meg Tilly holds you captive while portraying every parent’s worst nightmare.”
— Barbara Snider, case director, Missing Children Society of Canada

“Tilly achieves moments of raw beauty and genuine fierceness…”

“Tilly… successfully captures Gemma’s wounded voice. The story is told from the point of view of both Gemma and her captor, and Tilly is equally proficient at conjuring up a revolting and consummately villain.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A gripping book that is a must-read. Meg Tilly gives the reader a chance to experience firsthand the horrors children endure when they are sexually abused.”
— Carla Van Dam, Ph.D., forensic psychologist and author of The Socially Skilled Child Molester and Identifying Child Molesters

“Stunning and scalding, hypnotic and horrifying, Meg Tilly's Gemma, a novel about child abuse, pulls no punches. ... As a warning and a testament, Gemma is remarkable.”
— Susan Fromberg Schaeffer, Author of Poison

Review in the San Francisco Bay Guardian: "A novel by Meg Tilly turns the Lolita tale on its head"

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