Excerpt from Singing Songs

Abby Road

I like this house pretty much.  Mama and Daddy got the bedroom, the boys got the woodshed, and all us girls get to sleep in the attic cause it's really big.  We divided it out into sections.  Then we played one-potato-two-potato, and I won. So I got the window!

The house is brown. Not painted brown, it just is, cause that's the color of the wood.  And it has a silver roof like a barn.  And a fish pond and an old stagecoach and mistletoe trees. And Sprague River, the closest town, is around thirty miles away!  So no more social workers! They wouldn't even think to drive out this far.

But the very best thing about this house is that Daddy bought us a baby deer.  He found it when he was driving home.  His car hit the mama deer and killed it, and the baby deer wouldn't leave its mama.  Just stayed in the middle of the road.  And Daddy was scared that someone would come along and kill it, so he picked it up and brought it home.

It was a baby girl deer. Real cute. Brown with

cream colored polka dots all over her back. Big, big eyes, tiny black hooves and a wet black nose.

We named her Abby Road and made her a home in

the bathroom. She seemed to like that room the best.  Maybe she liked it cause of the linoleum, cause she could slip-slide all over it like an ice skating rink. Sometimes she would wobble, slide and then lose her balance completely, and splat! Flat on the floor, like one of those fancy rugs you see.

There was a big white old bathtub in the bathroom.  It had metal claw feet. And she liked living in the space between the bathtub and the wall.  She had to squeeze a bit to get in,