Excerpt from A Taste of Heaven

"Well, what do you know," Madison's dad said, his hand sliding out from behind his paper to snag his mug of coffee. "Hollywood is coming to Rosedale."

"Please pass the sugar," Gina chirped. "What?" Madison asked, leaning forward. "Please ... pass ... the sugar."

"Not you." Madison waved her little sister's request away. "What was that, Dad?"

Their dad lowered his paper and peered at Madison over the top of it. His black-rimmed glasses were smeary, his hair mussed up. He'd been called in to do an inventory count at Best Buy and hadn't gotten home until after one in the morning. "Apparently they're going to be shooting some fancy TV show right here in our sleepy town of Rosedale."


He glanced back at the paper. "Well, let's see. It says that it's a new series starring Jessica Ashton and Grant Palmer."




"Sugar, pulleaze," Gina groaned, flopping her head on the table.

Madison looked at her little sister, who obviously had no idea what a big deal this was. Poor kid. It must suck to be five and so oblivious to the exciting happenings of the world. Madison slid the sugar bowl over, her mind spinning. Real live TV stars were going to be in their town, walking down their streets, buying gas, shopping for groceries? Unbelievable.

Her mom dashed in, slipping a gold criss-cross earring through her earlobe, her black pumps tucked under her arm.

"Mom," Madison said. "Guess what? A TV company is coming to town! Jessica Ashton and Grant Palmer are going to be here from Hollywood."