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The 2014 Willow Awards: Diamond Willow Nominee,
Shortlisted for Canadian Booksellers Libris Young Reader Book Of The Year 2014, Nominated for Chocolate Lilly Award 2014

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"Sweet and engaging, this novel and its characters will appeal to any girls looking for a contemporary story about growing up, friendship and family" — Canadian Children's Book News
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Could you keep the coolest secret ever? What if you found out something amazing about your friend - but she doesn't want you to tell anyone, not even your parents? Would you be able to do it?
Madison Stokes leads a pretty average life: average mom and dad, average looks, average grades-well, maybe her little sister is much brattier than average, but nothing out of the ordinary.
All that changes when Alyssa Hawkins moves to town. The two girls quickly bond over chocolate-chip cookies and become best friends. But there are some things Alyssa doesn't feel comfortable sharing. Why won't she talk about her family? And why is she so reluctant to have Madison over to her house? Alyssa has a secret she doesn't want anyone to know....