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Wednesday, Nov 26th, my final Book Week day

I flew back to Toronto and visited the two schools that I missed the previous Monday, due to my unexpected, urgent need to hang out with the white porcelain toilet of the estimable Toronto Downtown Bed and Breakfast for 24 hours straight.


The first was Erin Mills Middle School.  From the second I stepped in the door I felt incredibly welcome.  Rosanna Moody, the librarian is a bundle of enthusiasm.  She had a banquet of breakfast muffins, juice, coffee, tea and fresh fruit laid out in the staff room.  There were gift bags and a video announcement on the school video system.  She had bought many of my books and there were students from the school newspaper ready to interview me with their questions in hand. 

I did two readings in the gym.  One for the upper grades and one for the middle, both had around 200 cheering students .  It felt like a big party, all that was missing was the balloons and confetti.
  * * *

The last school I visited was Greenwood College School.  This was a beautiful campus.  Everybody in this school had not only bought Porcupine, but they had also read it.  There was a huge screen with photos of the kids reading Porcupine.  And a million dancing snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, twirling and swaying.  It was really beautiful and I have to say, they had the most exquisite podium I have ever seen.

The students here were great, boys cheering and twirling their arms in the air.  I was touched by their enthusiasm. I really liked that they had read the book because I could talk about events that happened without having to worry about ruining the plot.  I felt very lucky to have been invited by this school.  It was a great way to finish Book Week.

Thank you to all the organizers and sponsors and volunteers of CCBC.  It is a wonderful thing you do, and I feel proud to have been a small part of it.

Much love, Meg