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Me and my sisters

Good morning everybody!

Don and I are on the ferry.  We are going into Vancouver to have brunch at the Pan Pacific with his literary agent.  We are sitting at the little desks where they have wi-fi.  I like traveling on the ferry.  The rumble of the engines underneath us, the slight rocking movement, it’s like being in the belly of a cat.

When I booted up my computer and checked my emails, I found these photos attached to an email from my sister, Jennifer.  They were taken by Phil this November when we went to her house for the U.S. Thanksgiving Day feast. 

Before you scroll right through them, I think an explanation is in order…

The first one is perfectly normal.  Like the majority of photos I have of the three of us. 







The next one, someone shouted out, “Be silly!”  I am nothing if not obliging.





“Okay, now be super goofy!”  I think it was Phil that called this instruction out, I don’t remember, everyone was making a lot of noise. 

Goofy?  I thought.  That’s new.  We never used to do that.  Must be something new Becky and Jenny have come up with.  Well, if they want goofy, all right then…

Flash goes the camera. 












I glance over at my sisters to see what goofy things they came up with.  Um…Okay… I think maybe a little clarifying is in order.  I don’t really think looking like cute little cheerleaders celebrating a touchdown qualifies as goofy. 

“Wait a minute,” I bellow. “You were supposed to look goofy!”

“Wha…?”  Becky says, looking confused, and Jenny’s laughing, making jokes, and I’m laughing too. 

Flash goes the camera.











And all the guys, Phil and Todd and Don are laughing and Becky starts laughing too.  And we laugh so hard the kitchen gets all full up with our laughter, every nook and cranny full, until finally, we have to stop because our cheeks are sore and our bellies hurt.

Don says my idea of goofy is probably a little more extreme on account of having kids.  I think Don is just making excuses for me.