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little rusty

Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile.  Feel kind of unsure, like I’m not sure I remember how to blog. 

It’s probably best if we dispense with the formality.  You won’t expect my usual style of blog and I won’t have to figure out how to write it.  Will just write-scatter-shot and maybe something will stick, interest me.  Otherwise, this will be a brief hello to break the ice and maybe a longer cozier blog will appear in the near future.

The other day on the Bomb Girls set, I was between scenes, so I popped into the craft service truck. It’s not like I was hungry or anything. I just like wandering in every now and then to feel like part of the action. It’s one of the cozy places to hang out, something to do when I get tired of being holed up in my trailer, running lines, memorizing new ones, going over the scripts, adding new scenes, deleting others, crossing off the completed ones. 

On this particular day, it was drizzling, not enough to warrant an umbrella, but there was a chill to the air, the wind kicking up.  I trotted up the metal stairs, still marvelling at the fact that I am back on a set.  Acting in a show of all things.  I really thought that phase of my life was over. 

Jeff was at the rear of the truck cooking up some delicious concoction.  Julia must have been out, wending her way through the set with a large platter of something tasty in her hands, the crew, the actors, gathering around like she’s Santa Claus at a parade handing out free candy canes. 

There were a couple other people in the truck, I can’t remember who.  The place is never empty, we are always grazing there, ladling ourselves some homemade soup or a sandwich or sneaking a few candies from the plastic bin above the toaster. 

What I do remember is Jeff saying, “I stood at the end of a rainbow yesterday.”

“You what?” I asked.  I’d heard him fine, but everyone knows that it is impossible to stand at the end of a rainbow because it is an optical illusion.  I personally have tried to capture the end of a rainbow with no success.  Especially when I was young because that pot of gold would have come in handy.  But every time I’d get to where I thought it was, the rainbow would have moved on.

“I stood at the end of a rainbow,” he said with a quiet happiness radiating out from his face.  He pulled out his iPhone and pulled up the picture.  “See,” he said.  “Here is the rainbow.  And it continued on here.  It was a complete rainbow.  And when I saw that it landed right there…” he pointed at the photo with his finger.  “In front of those trees…I could see the trees behind it.  So I pulled to the side of the road, hopped out of my truck and ran over.  I stepped right into that rainbow.  It was only for a few moments and then the rainbow moved on, into the stand of trees.”

“What was it like?” I asked

“It was all sparkly,” he said, the expression on his face, suddenly that of a little boy, all fresh and new.  “Sparkly light all around me.”

And I knew he was telling the truth.

“Yep,” he said.  “I stood at the end of a rainbow.”

“Wow…” I didn’t know what else to say, didn’t have the words.  Wished I had been there so I could have jumped out of the truck and stood in that sparkly light at the end of the rainbow.  “Wow…that’s cool.” 

Then I got myself a banana and went back to my trailer to eat it.  Eat it and contemplate, digest this new startling revelation.  That is actually was possible. 

And now, here at home, telling you about it, I think, hey, if he could stand in the end of a rainbow, right in it… then maybe if he hadn’t been so dazzled by the sparkly light maybe, if he’d taken a quick look around him, he would have seen a leprechaun too!  You never know.  Now that would have been super cool!