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Leo happiness

It’s going to be a quick blog, we are in the middle of a move, an endless mountain of work awaits me, but I couldn’t let another day go by without thanking everyone for all of their warm wishes and congratulations about the Leo award. A special thanks to the very talented Ali Liebert who graciously accepted it on my behalf at the Leo awards ceremony in Vancouver.  I wanted to attend but as all of my blog-regulars know, I’m romping around the stage at the Tarragon theatre in The Real World?

I can’t believe we only have six more shows to go!  Amazing how time is zooming past. 

One of my happiest moments is when I come off stage towards the end of the play, after giving my/Madeline-2’s husband (the talented Cliff Saunders) what-for.  I’m done now, can release my character’s challenges, heartaches.  I come off, Cara’s already there, having finished before me.  I find my way to the props table.  It’s dark back there, especially after coming off from all the lights blaring down on the stage.  I get a tissue, blow my nose and wipe my eyes, because it was hard what I/Madeline had to do.  Then I use the hand sanitizer, because after I do that, I huddle on the stairs, me and Cara (my daughter in the play) in the dark and it’s tradition now that we hug.  A one-armed hug, me bending down so my head doesn’t bang the banister, Cara reaching up from her spot on the chair.  Both of us, still shaken from what we’ve just gone through, but happy too.  To be sitting side by side in the dark.  To be done.  Another show under our belt.

And we sit there in the dark, listening to Cliff tear the place apart on stage.  And then he comes thundering out, his suitcase in his hand, his hat on his head, he comes out like a freight train, full of rage and sorrow.  Once he’s out of view of the audience, his pace slows.  He places the suitcase down carefully, so as not to make a sound, because Matthew and Tony are on stage.  Cliff hangs his hat on a hook, and I get up from my seat on the stairs and we hug.  Hug solid.  His character, Alex 2, totally gone.  How he does it is kind of a marvel, he rounds the bend and he’s Cliff again, no trace of Alex 2.  It’s as if the character is an old shoe he slips off his foot and flips into the air. It generally takes me a few minutes, but Cliff, he’s a pro. 

It’s a good hug.  And then he turns to Cara, who is standing now, and they hug too.  He doesn’t hug before the show, doesn’t get close, just whispers, “good show” as he slips past in the dark to the other side of the stage, the rumble/roar of the waiting audience preparing itself for a night at the theatre.  He has to play a guy who is pretty mean to the two of us.  And I think, at the end of the night, it’s a relief for Cliff to be able to be nice again.  To know that whatever happens on stage, stays on the stage and we love him and know that Alex 2 and the things he does and says, are just a character he’s playing.

And we listen to Tony and Matthew, still in the throes of it.  Us, backstage giddy, hearts light, but pulling for them too.  Wanting it to be good, to finish strong, for their characters to complete their journey…

Oh jeeze…Just realized I went off on a tangent.  This is supposed to be a short blog to thank all the Leo well-wishers.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! 

Got to go now.  I have SO much to do.  We’ve mostly unloaded the first batch of stuff from the condo, but tomorrow, bright and early, the movers come with all our belongings from the Victoria house.  It is going to be a mother-load!  There is no way it will all fit. 

So, not only will there be the work of unpacking for the next few days, but the challenge of having to part with some belongings that are quite beloved to me. 

I hope we are up to the task.