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Last weekend, I didn’t have one, since I was working like a dog on the copy edits of A Taste of Heaven…

BUT this weekend is TOTALLY making up for it!  I have been gifted the luxury of a four day weekend, thanks to the clever and resourceful scheduling of the Bomb Girls AD department.  I am VERY grateful!

Yesterday, was my vacation day.  I read a book, ate chocolate covered malt balls.  Made some popcorn with lots of salt and butter to counter balance the sweet.  Lolled around in my pj until dinnertime when Don and I made a last minute change and instead of cooking, went out for Chinese food.  Otherwise, I would have lazed around in flannel pj until it was time to go to bed.  There is something about wearing pj all day that feels so indulgent.  Even when one starts to feel a little grimy, like maybe it’s time to take a shower and get out of those pj, even then, it’s nice, because there is the choice.  So it really doesn’t matter at that point whether I stay in my pj or not. 

What matters is that I have a choice.  I’m not expected anywhere.  Don’t have to go to work.  Nobodies is waiting for me.  The only reason I would have to get out of my pajamas is if I decided I wanted to. 


The funny thing is, I don’t wear pj to bed.  Not since the kids left home.  I thrash around a lot in my sleep and pj’s can tend to get twisted up and be quite uncomfortable.  I save my floppy large non-constricting flannel pajamas for times like this.  Vacation at home days, or when I’m sick and stumbling around the house making a pot of chicken soup or tea.  Or, when I come home after a hard day and want to put on something comfy, for that in between time after dinner but before sleep. Or sometimes, before dinner, if it is a wet and gloomy day and one wants to get the feeling of hibernating, tucking in, nesting down to a cozy evening of food, conversation and a hand of cards or a book.

Hmm… didn’t expect to blog about this.  That yesterday was a vacation day, was going to be one sentence, and then perhaps I would delve into more exciting topics like all the work I managed to do today, the fact that I actually exercised, went to the bank, did errands, was up at six in the morning working on the Bomb Girls block 3 scripts. 

But no.  I blathered on about my pj indulgence. 

Oh well.