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July 2013

the luxury of…

Finished the first draft of my follow-up novel to A Taste Of Heaven and am awaiting Laura’s comments. 

It’s such a pleasure to have these next couple days stretching out in front of me to be filled with floating lovely summer laziness.

The house is quiet today. The clock ticking.  Don typing.  Me at my computer writing to you. 

It’s funny the difference a day makes.  Yesterday it was the Saturday market, stocking up on delicious organic fruits and vegetables and indulging in homemade breads and treats.  Swinging Don by the doctors and then home again, to make buttermilk pancakes and sausage and bacon and to lay out freshly washed bowls of all the wonderful fruit that was picked only hours before.  It’s amazing how much better fruit taste when it is ripened on the bush or tree and picked the day it is going to be consumed.  It’s like the other stuff, the stuff you pay more money than sense would dictate to get organic produce from fancy city stores, and I’m telling you, the tongue doesn’t receive one quarter the taste or flavour or satisfaction from it.  I like receiving the fruit and vegetables from the people who planted, grew and picked the food.  Feels like a gift.  Makes the world feel more hopeful somehow. 

For the last few days the house has been full of family and laughter and food and it’s been lovely.  Funny, how easily I slip back into Mom mode.  Will comes from England on Friday for a month and a half, but for now, it’s Don and me again.  Tucking into our quiet the-kids-are-grown-life.  Both the Mom life and this other more recent one Don and I have carved out have their joys.  Feel lucky to have found a balance.  To not be clinging to my grown children’s ankles weeping as they try to head for the door.  Feel lucky that there are so many things I appreciate about the quiet life too. 

Wasn’t sure, when the children first started heading out the door, first one and then the next and finally the youngest.  All grown.  All gone.  Was lost for a while.  My head understood what was happening, but my heart and body needed a while to catch up.  It was hard. 

But now, it isn’t.  It is lovely both ways.  Blessings within both worlds surround me.