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February 2012


This morning there was a notice in my email box that my friend Rog was following me on twitter.  I had a moment’s pause.  What to do?  A few weeks ago I came to the decision that twitter wasn’t for me.  I didn’t get the attraction.  Didn’t want the feeling of responsibility.  Didn’t want to feel like I was being rude if someone wrote to me and I didn’t answer.

“You don’t have to answer!” Everyone would tell me.  “No one expects it.”

So, I tried, pulling back.  Only answering a few, but then I’d feel guilty, like if I was on the non-receiving end I’d wonder why the person had chosen one to answer and not the other.  And really, everybody who wrote was so kind and supportive and how could one not just say a friendly hello back?

Then I got the notes on the writing project I’ve been working on, and the twitter problem was taken care of.  I no longer had time to troll twitter, catching up on all my Bomb Girls friends.  I’ve been plunged deep into a writing jag and when I’m not writing I’ve been enjoying the last squeaks of freedom before I dive in to rehearsals for the play and shortly following that, shooting the next season of Bomb Girls.  It’s going to be busy, and somehow, in the midst of all that, I should be getting the notes on my 5th book and will have to find time to make incorporate whatever changes are needed. 

There is no time for twitter.

However, when I got the notice from Rog I had a dilemma.  He doesn’t know that I’m not twittering anymore.  If he sent a following thing to me and I don’t follow back, maybe his feelings would be hurt.  So, even though I vowed to stay away, I clicked follow, and there I was back on twitter with the blue sky and the fluffy clouds, and since I was there, I idly checked out the bombgirls news and there was a lovely article by Anne Brodie and I remembered meeting her.  It wasn’t like an interview at all, more like two old girlfriends having tea.  Such a nice person, fun, with sparkling eyes.  And in her article was a link to a blog I did for More Magazine that I’d forgotten all about and reading it swooped me back to that time and the juxtaposition between that time and this, was really quite amazing to me.  And suddenly, I loved twitter.  That it had brought that memory back to me.  I’m still not sure if I’ll visit it, not sure if I’ll ever resume tweeting, but I can see now, where it can be fun.

Here’s the link of the forgotten blog if anyone is interested. xo