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June 2011

this and that


Today we do the “Cue to Cue”‘s.  Another new experience.  Going to be our first time rehearsing in the Macpherson Theatre.  Apparently, the stage is raked so that will be something different to get used to.  Also, instead of red tape on the floor indicating where doors, stairs, etc are we will have the real thing, which will also shift things slightly.

I’m still nervous, but less so than before.  Am getting kind of excited sometimes, like maybe…maybe…

The show is starting to take shape, starting to breathe.  Fits and starts still, but more and more the pretend is becoming more and more real.

We’ll see.  We’ll see.

My new blog is up on Huffington.  It’s been hard to find the time to do them with the demands of the play.  And then there is the other side too, each mother/daughter blog I find I am holding my breath slightly.  Is this okay to say?  Is this going to be alright?

Have to leave for the theatre in 25 minutes so I’d better get my stuff together.  Bye for now.

Mothers and Daughters

My daughter has written the most beautiful piece on our Mothers and Daughters Blog.  My heart is full to bursting.

new post

Hello Everyone,

Long day today at the theatre.  I’m enjoying the diving in, working hard, super tired though.  Wonder if I’ll get used to these hours, this intensity?  Or if I’m going to be this pooped every day until we finish the play?

For those of you who are interested, I’ve posted a new blog at HuffPost.


this and that


Rehearsals are roaring along.  We’ve been at it for a week and I’m starting to get excited.  It was hard at the start, different personalities, ways of working, feeling unsure, but now? 


I’m really loving diving into Martha’s skin.  Am enjoying working with the other actors, everyone working hard, stepping up to the challenge.  Brian, the director, is really good, knows when to step in, when to step back. 

Feeling hopeful about this show.  We’ll see.

People have been asking me about ticket information.  You can click here and then go to July on the calendar and the rest is up to you. 

* * *

For those of you who are interested, I was asked to do a blog for the new HuffPost Women section so here it is.

Emily’s debut

My daughter’s first HuffingtonPost went up today. 

I was a weird mix of nerves and excitement.  Wasn’t sure what I’d read, how it would feel, if it would be okay.  And at the same time, so happy and proud of my daughter. 

I checked Huffpost at midnight before I went to sleep, in case they automatically posted when the clock changed, but there was nothing.  Woke up at 4:50 AM checked again.  Nothing.  Checked again at 6 AM and there it was.  I read it several times and then woke Don up and had him read it too.  Such a jumble of emotions.  The overwhelming one was one of pride. 

Oak Bay Tea Party

While I was in Toronto, I received an email from Brian Richmond, Artistic Director of Blue Bridge Theatre and also the director of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf.  His friend, Bill Murphy-Dyson had asked that he forward an invitation for me to participate in the Mayor’s Floating Tea Cup Race. 

My impulse was to politely refuse, since I am not a boat/or tea cup rower, suffer from motion sickness, am not comfortable in water over my head and am a embarrassingly bad swimmer on the best of days.

HOWEVER… in Bill’s email he mentioned that he was the lawyer who used to live across the street from us and he saved my dog once. 

Of course I remembered the incident and so… in a fit of nostalgia… I said yes.

I was perfectly happy with my decision until The Oak Bay News landed on my doorstep.  On the front page was a picture of a smiling Mayor Christopher Causton bobbing around in a large teacup.  He looked happy.  I thought, oh how fun…and then I read the article.  It was full of stories of sinking teacups, capsizing teacups, toppling teacups.  Oh dear!

Amy helped me decorate a hat which shored up my courage.  Funny how that works, put on a silly hat and it helps keep the fear at bay.

I didn’t sleep well.  Those teacups look like they would spin.  What if I sunk, tipped over, got seasick?  Oh dear.

I still had butterflies this afternoon when Amy and David came by so we could drive over together.  I was certain it wasn’t a question of if, but when, my teacup was going to dump me into the frigid Pacific ocean.  Amy made some very cute signs for her and Dave to wave and cheer me on.  I packed an extra set of clothes and took some seasickness pills.

Waiting by the stage for our race to start, my mouth was dry.  The wind was picking up and it was a little bit choppy.  Christopher told me about a council woman whose teacup got blown right out to the point.  “Oh dear,” I said.  I was trying to act all casual, but I was scared.  I was wishing I hadn’t said, yes.

Well, none of those things happened.  Right before our race started the wind stopped and the water was as smooth as smooth can be.  I made it to the safety boat mark and back to the shore in relatively good order.  I didn’t tip over even though I was in a rudderless teacup with uneven oars!  And there was my cheering family, so proud of me.  Gerry came by too.  It was a great day. 

A special thanks to Sandy and Christopher for the helpful tips before hand.  And to the woman who helped me set my teacup up.  She was awesome and gave me the best push ever out into the water and then waded in at the end of the race, way deeper than she needed and dragged me to shore.  How nice she was! 

At the end of the photos you’ll see me holding the trophy, but really Christopher was ahead of me by a long shot, he let me win!

I was really happy I did the race.  I had a real good time.  I told Christopher I was going to put my Teacup trophy by my Golden Globe.  He thought I was being facetious, but I wasn’t. 

Here is the photo journal of my adventure!


David’s metamorphosis

Hi again!

Here you go.  My son, David.  The first photo was taken by Dave’s friend, Jon Lake, at David’s wedding this September.  The second one was taken by Don at Game One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.



A beautiful piece of writing


I just read this on my daughter’s site.  I am in awe. 

Stanley Cup Madness

The second game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs is tonight.  David and Amy are here and our friend Gerry is arriving shortly. 

My son, bless his soul, is sporting a playoff beard.  It kind of shocked me when I came home from New York and this bushy-bearded, broad shouldered lumberjack sauntered it.  How was it possible?  This hairy stranger couldn’t be my big brown eyes sprogglet of a boy?  I didn’t know he could grow a beard.  Figured it would come in all patchy and shy.  Nope.  I’ll see if he’ll let me take a picture and post it.

Anyway, we had a nice lunch and then the guys disappeared downstairs.

Its a beautiful sunny day, today.  Warm, reminding us that summer will soon be upon us.  Amy and I are sitting peacefully in the living room with the windows open, a fresh breeze slides along our warm skin, making the heat bearable. 

There is the sound of whistles and cheering crowds and announcers voices, punctuated with whoops, cheers and sometimes groans from David and Don. 

No, the game hasn’t started yet.  They are playing video game hockey.  They are playing together against the video.  The Canucks versus the Bruins.  It is probably not necessary to mention that they are the Canucks.  They seem to think that if they win the video game then the Canucks will win game two.

Don just came upstairs.  “DAMN IT!”  He bellowed.  “They’re beating us.” 

“Oh no…” Amy and I said, looking sympathetic and trying not to laugh. 

“I know!”  He snagged a beer from the fridge.  “But we still have a chance.  They haven’t beaten us yet.”  He gave me a jaunty smile like he was the man and he would win this thing, and then he disappeared down the basement stairs. 

Now, it’s Amy and me again, both of us typing.  I’m going to make penne pasta and salad for dinner.  Throw a few Italian sausages on the grill.  I’m not sure what I’ll do for dessert,  maybe a berry crumble or a sponge cake with fruit compote.  Not sure, but whatever it is, I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.

And so it continues

Hi Everyone,

The comments section at Huffington Post has been fixed so I finally got to respond to a few.  Thank goodness. 

It’s Thursday, so the new blog is up. 

Emily and I have decided that we will post with Huffington every Thursday for as long as we see fit.  We’re thinking we might alternate, but sometimes, I’ll write more, sometimes she will, depending on how busy we are. 

I’ll write a little something more here later tonight.  Amy, my daughter-in-law just came downstairs so I’m going to go have a cup of tea with her and a nice chat. 

See you later!