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April 2011


This is for my Canadian blog buddies.  As you all know, voting day is approaching and if you are wondering which box to check, I recommend you check out this site!  There are 30 questions, you click the response that is the closest to how you feel and then it will compare your answers with the different parties.  It only takes a few minutes and really helps clarify things. 

It was kind of funny, because when I did it, I came out with a different answer than I wanted.  But then I clicked on the answers by the party I was planning on voting for (that I was a little further away from, policy wise,) to see where we differed.  And was pleased to see that the areas where we differed were not deal breakers for me.  This comforted me, because I can’t stand the present leader of the party I usually vote for, so this year, I am making a change.

Also, interesting to me was the fact that when I made Don fill in the questions, he came up with another party entirely from either of the two in my ballpark!  Who would have guessed?  And this is good as well, because now, when he votes, his beliefs will be represented, instead of me telling him which box I think he should tick. 

This is what makes a democracy.  Please make sure to take the time to get informed and vote.  It’s the only way to make sure that Canada and her policies reflect the beliefs of her people.

a poll

The website my daughter is doing for Optic Nerve is having a vote.  She has posted three pictures and we are supposed to vote on which photo we want the next blog to be about.  I’m very curious which one will end up being the chosen one.  Today (Monday) is the last day of voting, so if you want to be involved, you’ll have to go over to the site, pronto, and make your choice! 


Way to go, Will!  xoxoxo

At least I wasn’t naked…

Had a dream last night.  It was opening night and I was panicking.  “Wait a minute,” I was saying.  “I thought we had three weeks!” 

But we don’t and it’s opening night and we haven’t even run through the play.  I’ve got my script.  I’m staring at the highlighted lines and I’m remembering Rog and Jim.  We had dinner last Friday and they were telling us about a play they went to in Toronto which was so bad that one of the actors was still on book.  He was walking around reading his lines out of the script.  They were laughing.  I was too, but I got a flash of fear as well. 

“That’s not going to be me,” I say, in my dream.  I’m pretty fierce about it, but still, even as I say it, I know I’m screwed.  I’ve been working on the lines, but that isn’t enough.  We haven’t done any blocking.  We haven’t even gotten together and read through the play yet.  How can it be opening night? 

Then, I’m backstage.  We’ve stumbled through some of it, and I’m trying to find Cat, who is in charge of wardrobe.  I’m wearing Martha’s first outfit, but there is supposed to be a costume change and I don’t know if they have one.  The wardrobe change is necessary.  It’s referenced in the lines, it’s a plot point, another step on the ladder of events.

And that’s when it hits me, I’ve only gotten three-fifth of the way through memorizing the play.  And even that isn’t letter perfect yet, needs reminders.  What am I going to do for the last part of the play?  I know what happens, but I don’t know what she, or anyone else actually says!

It’s the end of the first act.  The applause is lackluster, disappointed.  I feel bad, embarrassed, like it wasn’t fair to all the people who shelled out their hard earned money to attend.  Gave up an evening, had expectations.

It’s intermission.  I’m outside the theatre, there are people gathered in front of the doors, smoking, talking.  I am standing by the stage door at a bit of a distance so they don’t see me.  I see Roger and Jim.  I feel so bad.  It’s going to be so embarrassing going to their party, for them, for me, for the guests they invited.  What could people say?  Yeah, that was horrible, worst night at the theatre ever, you sucked.