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January 2011

I guess it all depends on who you speak to…

I’ve received a couple of emails that lifted my spirits immeasurably.  And I figured, why keep all this happiness to myself?  So, here you are, fresh off the press!

“Ha…wee bit of grey…not stout…pretty jolly…a matron (sure, but it’s not a bad thing.)”

These words of wisdom from D____.

    * * *

And this avenging email came with the subject line:

“PAH! I say”  Which had me smiling before I even opened it.  The rest of the email was equally satisfying.

“My Dearest Meg,

I saw the story in the UK press and got all indignant on your behalf. “STOUT” I said in a very un impressed tone.

Didn’t want to draw your attention to it as clearly they know nothing about the wonderfulness that is my dear funny, articulate, talented, beautiful lumberjack tracker but as you blogged about it just wanted to say that PAH! Is what I say to the press.”

The rest of the email was personal, so I shan’t post it, but that little loyal masterpiece (a masterpiece because it was all nice things about me) was from L____.

Ah… It’s nice to have friends. 

Hello again

For anybody who is interested


I have been informed that there are all kinds of weird things being written about me in the English newspapers.  Apparently, I am a rather stout grey-haired jolly matron. 


Now, maybe I am a few of those things, but really, couldn’t they just pretend?


Our happy hats off to a member of the family.  We are so pleased for you!  Hearty jigs are being danced.  Tonight, dinner with Dave and Amy and we shall all lift a glass of wine to toast your continued success! Jubilant hugs and kisses from all of us.  Onward and upward!

Hang on to your hats!

Yesterday at it’s high gold was trading at $1393 per ounce.  Right now it is trading at $1357.50.  It has dropped below an important support level.  Where it will close is anyone’s guess.  See what I mean about volatile?  It does this kind of thing all the time.  Wild swings up, dramatic plunges down.  One has to have a strong stomach to participate in this type of market.  Some investors will be saying, “See, the end of the gold bull.  I told you it was over valued!”  And others will be watching the drop and will be certain that it is just gold consolidating and will have a price point in their heads and they will use the drop to add more to their position. 

What is going to happen next?  It’s anyone’s guess. 

Me?  I’m off to exercise.  My sister and I are on a mission to drop a few of those Christmas pounds.  She’s having more success than me and has dropped FIVE POUNDS ALREADY!  Whooohooo!  Yay Jenny!

Deflation in the cards?

And now… to counter balance the inflation scenario argument, I’ve included a link to some pretty powerful and persuasive charts by the brilliant David Rosenberg.

Ha!  I bet you will all be happy when I get my manuscript back from Laura next week.  That way I’ll be forced to lay off my financial markets obsession and knuckle down to some editing.

The gold debate

Hi Everyone,

I just saw this video on one of the investment sites I read and thought you might enjoy it. 

Whether or not gold is for you, whether or not you think it is over-valued now (seeing as how an ounce of gold was selling for $252 dollars around 10 years ago and is now MUCH higher) I thought you might find this video interesting.  It’s not too long and I figure, the people who have asked for my advice with regards to investing over the years have recently been wanting to know about gold, so perhaps some of you do as well. 

For those of you that are interested, have been hearing a lot of gold talk on TV and whatnot, but don’t know what all the fuss is about, here is a pretty informative video that will bring you up to date with the gold picture now. 

Whether you decide you want to own a few of those gleaming gold coins is a personal choice.  It is a very volatile market and can drop a heart-stopping amount for no apparent reason.  It earns no interest, pays no dividend, however many people are buying it as a safeguard against the looming threat of inflation.  Whether we are going into a period of massive inflation is anyone’s guess.  As with all investments, learn as much as you can about it and then only do what makes sense to you and doesn’t cause you to lose sleep. 

There are some investors that believe gold can rise to the $5-6,000 range.  There are other investors that believe gold is peaking and is a bubble about to burst. 

Another word to the wise, if you do decide to buy a little gold, it is probably better to purchase the coins as opposed to the bars as some very good counterfeit gold bars have started appearing on the market.

Happy viewing!