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June 2010

Well, I for one am not planning on watching

Unfortunately, my sister didn’t make it into the top 20 which was a disappointment, however, it was still very exciting that she got into the top 50!  And who knows she could have been 21 and missed by the tiniest margin.  We’ll never know. 

What I do know, is that you guys were GREAT!  A few days after I had made my request, up she was in the top 50.  It was very cool that you guys responded in that way.  And I wanted you to know how much Jennifer and I appreciated the support.

On the writing front, I got several chapters in and realized that it was just a meandering mess.  Figured if I was bored with the story after just 30 pages, the reader would be as well. 

Actually, to be more accurate, it wasn’t “the story” I was bored with, it was the fact that there wasn’t “a story.” 

Oh, I had convinced myself that there was one, but really, there wasn’t. 


Last call at the poker booth

Hello everyone,

Today is the very last day for voting on who gets to play in The World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions!  Come one, come all click here to cast your last minute vote for my sister, Jennifer Tilly. 

I’m on pins and needles, hoping all of us have done enough.  We got her into the Top 50, that we know for sure, but was it enough to get her into the top 20?  Eeeee…nervous!

Anyway, if you haven’t voted, have a moment on your hands and think, “Hey why the heck not?”  Then vote, vote, vote!


Jennifer and Phil

Well, Phil broke the record and then some and I found this cute video of Jennifer and Phil on youtube and it was cozy in a weird-poker-world sort of way.  So this is probably not a video for the under 16 set.  There is no swearing or anything, it’s really kind of sweet.  But it is the poker world, with chips and cash and stuff and it seems so fun and jaunty and like a happy party, but I don’t want to misrepresent the other side of the poker life that plagues so many people who aren’t as skilled as my sister and Phil.  So that’s why the age recommendation.


My sister’s boyfriend, Phil Laak has broken the Guiness record!  You can read about it here.

He’s broken the official and the unofficial record and he is trying to hold on 100 hours.

Back again

Okay, so here it is.

“Hey everybody (another mass email)  Phil is trying to break the Guinness book of world records for sleep deprivation while playing poker.  (yes they have a record for everything)  The record currently is 75 hours.  Phil so far has been awake approximately 24 hours.  You can see a live 24 hour feed at  To read more about just google Phil and click on “news”

Love, Jen”

Also, Jenny’s going to be on Craig Ferguson tomorrow night, Friday, June 4th.  I love it when she does his show.  The two of them are very funny together!

Jennifer and Phil

Phil Laak, my sister’s boyfriend is trying to set a new world record for the most… wait, I can’t quite describe it.  I’ll go back to my sister’s email and let her describe it for you, but I’ll put the link here now for those of you who are interested. 

Be right back!

Dumb old wind

Well, Alan Colmes was super sweet. 

Unfortunately, we were having a lot of wind and it must have knocked a branch down on the phone line right in the middle of his show, because the phone cut out, and me, I heard the click, but I thought it was just Ann doing some sort of radio connecting business or something, so I kept talking, and talking and talking, until finally, I realized that cozy Alan guy wasn’t chatting back. 

It wasn’t that he was so mesmerized by my interesting conversation, he wasn’t saying, “uh…huh…” or “really, you don’t say” because he wasn’t there anymore!  It was a dead phone I was blathering into.


And then, you should have seen me when I realized.  Up I leapt from my comfy chair with my nice glass of ice water at my elbow.  “Hello?  Hello?”  I was saying into the phone.  “Hello?  Hello?” a little louder.  “Oh no!”  I started running around the house, I got the portable phone, “Hello?  Hello?”  Nothing

I ran downstairs to my work room, grabbed that phone, “Hello?  Hello?”  Still that dead flat nothing.  “S__t!” 

Don was watching the Blackhawks and the Flyers duke it out on the hockey game he recorded.  “Don,” I called.  “The phones don’t work!  The phones don’t work!” 

I knew Alan was gone now, the show must go on, and all that rot, but still, I was trying the phones. 

All the downstairs ones, then down into the basement storage room that is jammed full of my daughter’s stuff, hopping over boxes and her sofa and an upside down coffee table to try the last final phone jack in the whole d__n house. 

I plugged it in.  “Hello?  Hello?” I said, expecting nothing. 

“Hello,” said Ann. 

I almost fell over in shock.  They were still there.  “We went to commercial break,” she explained, calm as can be.  Wow.  I wish I had her cool.  She put Alan on and we finished the interview. 

I’m not sure if I made sense or not.  I’m not sure if I was coherent.  I wanted to be.  I didn’t want to let all the people out there who had lives like me down.  The ones who don’t get the chance to speak out.  But I don’t know if I did them justice. 

What I do know is that Alan Colmes is a VERY sweet guy.