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When I was on book tour for Gemma, the subject that constantly came up was if I would consider recording my books for audio? I guess my readings affected people so much because the material in Gemma is quite emotional and the reading of it was assisted by my past life as an actress. I said I would give it some thought, so that everyone would stop going on about it and let me move on to another topic. The people who came to my readings would become quite passionate and vocal on the subject, very vigorous in their persuasions.

The problem arose once the book tour was over, and I returned back to my nice cozy home. You see, I have a thing nowadays about telling the truth. And although I didn't outright promise the people who came to my readings that I would do an audio of my books, I sort of inferred that I would, when I had no intention of doing so.

Guilt ate at me.

Hence, the audio version of Singing Songs. And guess what? I had such a good time recording it, that I've decided to do an audio of Gemma as well! You can purchase one or both or none. It's up to you. For those of you who buy...I hope it's worth every penny! I put a lot of care and love and effort into the making of these audio versions. I hope that when you listen to these audio books that the characters come alive for you in a way that you haven't experienced with an audio book before. I hope that in listening, you understand more, who they are, how they feel and what motivates them to do the things they do.


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